Kingdom Under Fire 2 introduces the Gunslinger class

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gunslinger

Ahead of the game’s release next month, Phantagram and Gameforge have a new class for players to check out in Kingdom Under Fire 2. And, based on the name, this Gunslinger class is packing all kinds of heat.

The Gunslinger has received an official introduction, bringing a whole lot of action to the table. With this character, players can fight at the forefront and take on enemies in a number of ways. That includes pulling out a pair of pistols to clear the playing field, as well as grasping a sword for close-range attacks. He can effortlessly switch between the two as well, in case he needs to preserve ammunition.

The Gunslinger comes packing!

With his combination of attacks, the Gunslinger can take care of both individual targets and “area of effect” attacks. This helps just in case anyone gangs up on him.

Here’s the backstory for the character, straight from Phantagram:

“Mistrusted for the simple crime of hailing from Brimstone, a village of refugees…deliberately ordered on a suicidal mission during which his troops were overwhelmed and his men slaughtered. His request for leniency fell on deaf ears and he was expelled from the army. Seeking to avenge the deaths of his men, and save his own skin, the Gunslinger found refuge in Azilia. In this place of opportunity, he became a mercenary and joined the Azilia Knights.”

The Gunslinger joins the previously announced Berserker, Elementalist, Ranger, and Spellsword classes. These offer a great deal of variety to the player, with something for every skill set.

Fans who wish to pre-order the game can select from three different packages. The standard Hero edition is $29.99, the Emperor Package is $49.99, and the War God Package can ultimately be yours for $99.99. There are various extras with each, depending on what all you want in the game. In addition, those that pre-order Kingdom Under Fire 2 will also have access to a hero troop and an exclusive title.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 has been in the works for some time. It was initially announced in 2008 but now appears to finally be ready to cross the finish line. It is now scheduled for release in November. Those interested in the game can check out the official website for more.