Following the announcement of an MMO mode in the upcoming Kingdom Under Fire II, IncGamers contacted the game’s developers Blueside for more info on the new feature for the KUF franchise.

MMO players should be in for a treat judging by the action in previous Kingdom Under Fire games, which sees hundreds of units going head to head on the battlefield. But what other MMO elements can players look forward to? It’s still early days, but developers had this to say to us:

What can you tell us about the MMO mode for KUFII?

As far as the MMO element of the PC online version of KUFII goes, a massive number of users will be able to interact with each other in various ways such as chatting, trading items and so on with each other in a virtual 3D world which consists of towns.

What will players be able to do there?

You can mingle and chat, you can roam around in a town and buy items, check your inventory, interact with other users and so on.          

Will players on different platforms be able to play with each other?

Unfortunately no, we tried our best to make this happen, but [we couldn’t] due to the difference between each console company’s policy. So, we don’t see this happening…  This is more of policy issue than technical issue.

Will the MMO mode require a keyboard peripheral for the Xbox 360?

We haven’t decided it yet. 

Will players be able to choose what faction they play?

Yes, you will be able to choose a faction.  There are three factions to choose from: Human Alliance, Dark Legion, and Encablossa. If you had a chance to see our trailers, Glen is from Human Alliance, Isabella is from Dark Legion, and Regnier is from Encablossa. More characters will be revealed in the future going forward.Check out the video mentioned above over on IGTV, and the latest batch of screens here.

Paul Younger
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