In a new Q&A, 38 Studios has revealed that there will be around ten hours of gameplay included in the Legend of Dead Kel DLC which is being released on 20 March.
“In our estimation, The Legend of Dead Kel adds more than ten hours of new content, and I would say that might even be a bit conservative. The expansion includes a new main quest, side quests, free-form quests, as well as a whole series of unique quests geared to the discovery and renovation of the vast Dverga keep of Gravehal. The Gravehal quests alone will keep you busy for a long time, exploring the island for ways to upgrade your estate, and for new castaways to recruit.”
The update also includes information on the location of Gallows End in the game world and the fact that the DLC is made up of four distinct zones which include Cape Solace, Scuttle Beach, the Jawbone, and the Northern Coast.
Source: KoA forums via RPGReporter

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