A second stand-alone expansion for King’s Bounty has been announced.Titled Crossworlds, the expansion contains an updated version of King’s Bounty: Armoured Princess – the first stand-alone expansion – as well as two entirely new campaigns, and a whole host of new quests, items, spells, and monsters.Best of all: it’ll contain a game editor.Those two new campaigns are named Arena Champion, which is described as “boss battles in a gladiatorial tournament,” and Defender of the Crown, featuring “battles in unique tactical arenas with a random selection of enemies and allies.” Sounds a bit more like a pair of battle modes than full-fledged campaigns, to us, particularly considering the number of new quests noted below.As for those numbers: there’ll be 70 new items, eight new item sets (including one for your pet dragon), three component artifacts, seven new quests, 50 new abilities and skills, 13 new spells, and “new creatures.”For the uninitiated, King’s Bounty is a clever and frequently hilarious RPG combined with a turn-based strategy game – think Heroes of Might & Magic with heavier RPG elements. Will Crossworlds be worth it for those who’ve already got Armoured Princess? Time will tell, but we’re willing to give developer Katauri Interactive the benefit of the doubt. King’s Bounty really was that good.The accompanying screen is from Armoured Princess.

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