The third episodic chapter in The Odd Gentlemen’s King’s Quest tale will be released on 26 April. It’s going to be called ‘Once Upon a Climb’ and plans to tell the full story of King Graham rescuing future bride Queen Valanice from the tower of wicked witch Hagatha.

According to the press release, “dedicated fans may think they know the legend” but “the truth behind the fairy-tale is much more complicated.”

Since I continually give Telltale grief for taking lengthy gaps between episodes, it’s perhaps only fair to mention that King’s Quest is taking quite a bit of time with releases. The first chapter came out in July 2015, with the second just making it within the same year (December 2015). That does mean the gaps have been fairly consistent, though, at four-five months apiece.

It also still has some way to go before it can compete with Kentucky Route Zero for waits between episodes. But enough about that, here are some images from the upcoming third chapter.

Peter Parrish

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