Developer of NightSky, Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren is planning to bring his popular platformer series to the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita with his next title, Knytt Underground, which will also be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux.

Knytt is a popular series of 2D platformers that is known for its tight controls and the way that it gives you new ways to get around, which many gamers associate with titles such as Metroid or Castlevania.

If you have never tried the original games there is no reason not to, as both games are freeware!

In an announcement Nifflas said:

“Knytt Underground is the biggest game I’ve ever developed and is the first game where I feel that I have a story to tell, It’s about the big questions; trying to understand life and our place in it – and failing completely.”

Nifflas also said that Knytt Underground will release “later this year” as a downloadable title across all 5 platforms. Nifflas is collaborating with Green Hill for the project and Ripstone are publishing the title.


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