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[Update – December 16 @ 12:56 PM ET]: Ok, so that wasn’t what anyone was expecting. Sorry folks, Kojima Productions made announcements and teased fans just to flex its muscles. The developer revealed some new merch, a wallpaper themed around Ludens, its mascot, and a video of Kojima’s Bafta award making its way to his hands. To be honest, we should have expected antics like this from Kojima. 

First thing’s first, happy birthday Kojima Productions! It’s the least we could offer since the past two Kojima games have wished its players a happy birthday. But Kojima has something more planned for his studio’s fifth anniversary. To celebrate moving into its next year, Kojima Productions is set to announce a bunch of updates tomorrow.

Announced via a post on Kojima Productions’ Twitter today, the studio will be announcing some “exciting updates” tomorrow. For those in the ET time zone, get ready for a late night, these announcements are going live at midnight your time. It’s also unclear whether these updates will be given in a live stream or if they’ll just be left on Twitter, although the latter seems more likely. The post explicitly asks followers to “Join Us on Twitter!”


What’s new from Kojima Productions?

Since splitting off from Konami, Kojima Productions has only put out one game, although it was a doozy. Last year’s Death Stranding featured multiple celebrity cameos, interesting gameplay features, and a twisting story involving semi-undead babies stuck in limbo. In other words, it screamed Kojima.

However, it doesn’t seem like Kojima Productions is going to announce a new game tomorrow. The post specifically says that the studio will be “delivering some exciting updates,” emphasis on that last word. That being said, there’s been no word on support for Death Stranding since the game’s release on PC, and fans of the game would surely enjoy trudging through more of the game’s vision of a broken of America. It’s impossible to say exactly what will be revealed tomorrow, but chances are it won’t be a huge announcement.

Kojima Productions recently revealed that it was already working on a new game, although details were kept to a minimum. The studio opened 26 positions for new programmers, artists, and designers at every level.

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