Kojima Productions next project

If there is one thing Hideo Kojima, the auteur behind the Metal Gear Solid series, loves, it is mystery. Fans dissect and analyze every tweet he makes to a ludicrous degree, always looking for some morsel of information on what the future holds. His latest tweet was no different, as Kojima briefly discusses his next project.

Put on your detective hat

The “Yoji” Kojima is referring to in the tweet is Yoji Shinkawa, the lead character and mecha designer for the Metal Gear franchise. An inseparable part of Kojima’s legacy, Shinkawa’s stunning artwork is intrinsically tied to Metal Gear and Kojima’s other projects like Death Stranding.

Whatever the next Kojima Production project is, it is definitely in the very early stages of development. As the tweet says, he and Shinkawa are in the process of creating characters and worlds for whatever this new project might be. It could be anything, based on what Kojima has said in the past. He has stated that he would be interested in making a sequel to Death Stranding, and there is a BB on his desk in the picture. That could mean something, or it could mean nothing. After all, Kojima has also discussed his next project being a survival horror game. That would be exciting news for anyone that played PT, the unfortunately ill-fated demo for the then-upcoming Silent Hills.

Kojima Productions next project

What new games can bloom on the battlefield?

Kojima is a very ambitious man and has discussed working on everything from smaller games to manga to even films. The next title that we know will for sure bear the Kojima Productions logo is the PC port of Death Stranding. That game will release on July 14. The PC version will have a photo mode, which Kojima himself showed off earlier in the year.

Whatever his next project ends up becoming, it is sure to be strange, polarizing, and fascinating. Maybe we won’t all enjoy the game itself, but the mystery around it will certainly excite us all.

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