Metal Gear Solid V

That PC version is on the horizon somewhere.

Hideo Kojima is teasing the PC crowd again, restating in a recent interview at Dengeki Online (noticed and translated by Dual Shockers) that Metal Gear Solid V is being “basically developed” on our platform. He’s pretty much said this before of course, as during E3 he told GameTrailers much the same thing.

By the sounds of things he’s a bit bored of being asked whether the title will be different on either Xbox One or PS4 too, because he jokingly mentions being “exhausted” by the so-called console wars. Here’s the full (albeit translated) quote:

I’m already exhausted from being involved in the console war (laughs). Metal Gear Solid V is being basically developed on PC. That’s the meaning of multi-platform, multi-generation, multi-device. It was originally planned to be made for the current machines.

So, still no direct confirmation of a PC release there, but it’s good to know that the first remark back in June wasn’t either a mistake or a mistranslation. We can probably file this one next to GTA V as a game that’s almost certain to see a PC version eventually, but after the console release.

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