Konami Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, and we’re starting to see some early lineup announcements. One of the attendees at the show will be Konami, which launched its website for TGS 2022 earlier this week. The company is presenting a variety of games at the show on September 16, including Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and eFootball 2023. Konami also plans to unveil an unannounced game from a beloved series at Tokyo Game Show.

This obviously conjures up plenty of ideas about a potential Silent Hill reveal or something regarding the Metal Gear franchise. It would certainly line up with the rumors we’ve heard for the last year or so. The fans for both of these franchises clearly want new entries in them, or at least re-releases of titles stuck on older consoles. However, in reality the unannounced game is from a smaller franchise. A source spoke to Video Games Chronicle, seemingly confirming that this title won’t be a part of the Silent Hill, Metal Gear, or Castlevania franchises.


There’s something else that adds fuel to the Tokyo Game Show speculation, too. Yuji Kaji, a voice actor with roles across gaming and anime, is making an appearance. It looks like Kaji is there to represent the fans of a series loved by the world. This doesn’t necessarily confirm that a series he’s had a role in will show up at the event, but it’s still an interesting part to point out.

What’s going on with Konami?

It would be an understatement to say that fans are frustrated with Konami’s output over the last few years. The company owns a wide variety of beloved franchises with extremely dedicated fanbases. So any new announcement from the developer is usually met with equal parts excitement and worry. With that said, it’s unlikely that Konami will show anything especially groundbreaking at Tokyo Game Show. As always, fans should go in with low expectations to avoid disappointment.

Konami Tokyo Game Show 2022 Silent Hill 2

This isn’t to say that Konami isn’t working on anything behind the scenes. Just this year, we’ve had several rumors about a Silent Hill 2 remake in the works, as well as a brand new entry into the horror series. But since Konami has remained silent about these projects, it’s hard to say whether they’re actaully happening. Ultimately, time will tell if Konami really has anything up its sleeves.

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