The Korean Game Rating Board has finally approved a rating for Diablo 3 following months of deliberation.
Blizzard has been trying to get the game rated for months in Korea but it was continually rejected due to the real money auction house.
Korea’s videogame ratings board, the GRB, deemed the game unsuitable because they felt that the real money auction house could be perceived as gambling. Blizzard resubmitted the game late last year for approval with the auction house element removed, but the GRB still struggled with making a decision. 
Today the GRB has approved the game in Korea with an M-18 rating but with the real money auction house completely removed. Blizzard will be disappointed at the decision as it will chew into their on-going revenue stream from a very hardcore gaming market.
Now that the GRB has settled on a decision we should hear more about a final release date in the coming weeks.
Source: Diablo: IncGamers

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