Krell entry appears in Total War: Warhammer Steam database

Krell entry appears in Total War: Warhammer Steam database

It’s possible that Total War: Warhammer will be answering the question “where is Krell” in the near future. A DLC entry with that name has appeared in Steam’s internal database.

For those who don’t know, Krell is the former Chaos Champion (now Wight, it’s a whole thing) who tends to accompany Heinrich Kemmler. The version of Kemmler in Total War: Warhammer, though, is currently Krell-less.

There’s been plenty of speculation that the ‘Old Friend’ free DLC scheduled for this summer could be his introduction. Complicating matters a little more, there’s also free DLC scheduled to release alongside the upcoming Norsca faction in August, so it might be part of that somehow. And there’s always the possibility that Creative Assembly are messing with people by using Krell as a codename for something else.

Last time CA wrote about the free ‘Old Friend’ DLC, they said it would be “Just a small thing that we wanted to do. Think along the lines of the Blood Knight Free-LC, rather than lords or anything. Not saying it’s a unit specifically, but that sort of scale addition to the game.” Krell broadly fits that description.

Update 20 July: Krell was indeed the Old Friend. He’s out now as a freebie.

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