Lady Gaga Huge Influence On Bodycount

The creator of Black and the more recently announced Codemasters’ title, Bodycount, has said he’s taken inspiration from Lady Gaga.In an interview with The Guardian, Black said that Gaga’s songs were about the apocalypse in which we’re all living now and which we’re a part of. Black has interpreted Gaga’s philosophy as “positive upwards, forwards thinking’ emphasising on living for the now and partying.This is true of the protagonist in Bodycount who is “in a crazy, desperate situation out of his control, but he’s not going to get down about it, he deals with it, he keeps his head up, he pushes forward – that’s the kind of action we want to have.”Lady Gaga’s attitude has certainly rubbed off on Black, and with this new found inspiration, Black went on to say that he wanted people to enjoy the game for what it is, and to give people a bit of an escape; Gaga style.So if you’re “feeling a little bit down, a little bit harassed by all the pressure, slap this game on and blow some f*****s away, you’ll feel better. You’ll get an uplift – that’s ultimately what we want to do.”Bodycount, a first person shooter developed by the creators of Black, will be published by Codemasters and is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2011.

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