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Announced back in May of last year, Galactic Civilizations IV represents the latest in developer Stardock’s critically acclaimed turn-based strategy series. Like any sequel, it intends to iterate upon the series’ formula with a whole host of new features, including multi-sector maps, a new quest system, and internal factions, among others. Just today, Stardock announced an official release date of April 26 for Galactic Civilizations IV, so longtime fans of the series should definitely take note.

According to a press release, Galactic Civilizations IV sees players assume the role of an “all-powerful leader of a spacefaring civilization” who aims to see everything the subspace realm has to offer. Players can pick one of over a dozen civilizations at the start of the game, and they can even craft entirely new civilizations from the ground up if they wish. This means that multiple playthroughs can turn out very differently from each other, which should augment the game’s replay value by a fair amount.


The next game is larger scope than ever

Of all the new features in Galactic Civilizations IV, multi-sector maps probably stand as among the most significant. This new option allows players to conduct their operations across massive new maps that boast several segregated regions, although those who prefer the small maps of games prior can still play on those instead. In addition to the multi-sector maps, Galactic Civilizations IV overhauls the citizens introduced in the third entry so that they come with individual approval ratings. This means that players need to ensure citizens’ happiness lest they go off on their own.

Galactic Civilizations IV has many more features where that came from, so players have plenty to look forward to once the release date finally drops. If you wish to get involved in the game’s beta, then you can visit the official website to do so.

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