Latest Alien Breed Trilogy To Conclude On 17 November

Following the release of Alien Breed: Impact, and Alien Breed 2: Assault, Team17 is set to release Alien Breed 3: Descent to wrap up the series.
This third and final chapter will be coming to Xbox360 and PC (via Steam) on 17 November, priced at $10.00 USD / 800 MS Points. A PS3 version is promised too, but “later.”
In Descent, unlucky engineer Theodore Conrad will have to wade through flooded corridors and venture outside for some “breathtaking hull walk set pieces.” The press release claims this is the “first time” Conrad has been able to do this, but there was a portion in Alien Breed: Impact where players had to don a space suit and get between two ships, so that’s not terribly accurate.
Naturally, there’ll be quite a bit of time spent gunning down hostile alien lifeforms too.
Look below for some images of precisely that.

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