September 5th, 2017

Latest Arma 3 Community Guide explains how to pull off an air assault

Latest Arma 3 Community Guide explains how to pull off an air assault
arma 3
Against light arms like machine guns, fly high. If they have proper guided missile systems, though, you may want to stay low. Thanks, Dslyecxi!

The latest Arma 3 Community Guide from font-of-virtual-warfare-knowledge Dslyecxi (Andrew Gluck) details how to pull off a successful air assault via helicopter. And no, that doesn’t mean “how to shoot things with a helicopter.”

Instead, it explains how to conduct an assault on a location that involves transporting infantry by air. It goes into when you might want to use helicopters, the importance of planning out multiple LZs, who has the final say on where the helicopter should land or when it takes off, when the door gunner should start and stop suppressing fire, why helicopters need to tell each other which direction they’re lifting off in, how to make sure a follow-up extraction doesn’t get everyone killed, and more. Even as someone who is A) awful at Arma 3 and B) doesn’t really play Arma 3 much, it’s a fascinating look at how much thought has to go into pulling off successful multiplayer operations in the game.

You can give the video a look below. The YouTube page for the video itself also links to all of the other Community Guides, so if you like what you see and want to further investigate how to apply military techniques and mindsets to your playstyle, then you might want to watch them too.

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