June 22nd, 2017

Latest Arma 3 Community Guide video looks at snipers and launcher teams

Latest Arma 3 Community Guide video looks at snipers and launcher teams

Arma 3 Gamescom - 09

ShackTactical’s Andrew Gluck – better known around these internet parts as Dslyecxi – has released his latest Community Guide video for Arma 3, in cooperation with the overlords over at Bohemia Interactive.

This Community Guide video takes a look at snipers and launcher teams, and at how to best use them as a player. Learn about the importance of relaying information to your team as a sniper, why headshots are mostly a silly idea, the key to successfully taking on a tank or an aircraft as a launcher specialist, and the difference between rockets and missiles. It’s a veritable info bonanza, and you can see it below.

Arma 3 is due out on 12 September.

Tim McDonald

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