Latest Diablo 4 patch fixes in-game shop errors, not login errors

Diablo 4 Patch Notes Microtransactions
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In the latest Diablo 4 update, Blizzard fixed an issue that prevented players from checking out their purchases in the in-game shop. While error codes, bugs, and framerate drops plague Diablo 4 more than a the best poison Imbued Rogue build, we truly have Blizzard to thank for finally allowing us a seamless in-game shop experience… Really though, are we surprised that Blizzard prioritized microtransactions over fixing Diablo 4?

Note: Don’t waste your time with the Diablo 4 in-game shop; instead, check out how to find the Bladedancer’s Aspect.

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Legitimately, the only update that the Diablo 4 patch notes brought was an update to the “checkout flow” of purchases in the in-game shop. Today marks the official release date of Diablo 4, and Blizzard has the audacity to fix the in-game shop for all the new players instead of fixing their servers.

If you’ve tried to log into Diablo 4 recently, you’ll know that there is error code 315306, error code 300008, error code 316719, a “Queued for Game, Star Game Pending” bug, error code 395002 — and I could keep going! Diablo 4 was in open beta for a while — it even had a Server Slam a week before the early access went live — but in spite of all that, the Diablo 4 servers are still busted.

It’s a shame that Blizzard chooses to prioritize monetization over creating the best gaming experience possible, which especially sucks because Diablo 4 is a genuinely fun game. Hopefully, the next Diablo 4 patch notes we get aim to fix many of the server errors and bugs. However, I won’t be holding my breath.

Hopefully, you can somehow skate past the current Diablo 4 errors and focus on enjoying the game. I’m still holding out hope that Blizzard gets better by focusing on fixing their buggy game instead of fixing the in-game shopping cart. If I can’t even get in the game, what makes you think I can get to the in-game shop? Whatever. Blizzard, I’m not surprised, but I hope one day I will be.

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