July 8th, 2017

Latest Dota 2 patch changes a few names and models

dota 2 venomancer
Who’s a pretty boy, then?

For reasons that are utterly beyond me, the latest Dota 2 patch has changed a few of the hero names and models. Windrunner, for instance, is now Windranger. Lycanthrope is now Lycan. Necrolyte is now Necrophos. I’m going to assume that this is down to legal issues, but it seems pretty late in the day for such changes.

Then there are the model updates. Some are fairly minor (Luna has a new mount), some are a little bit more noticeable (Dazzle now has a ridiculous hat and a what looks like a mane of feathers), and one – Venomancer – has had a total model change. He now looks like the horrific result of a night of passion between a cobra and the Predator.

It’s also got the standard daily updates to Diretide to make Roshan more invincible. Cleave no longer works on him, for instance, so good luck with that strategy now.

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