Latest Football Manager 2014 patch fixes Paul Robinson’s canine troubles

football manager paul robinson

Don’t worry Paul, your worries are over.

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Sports Interactive has put out patch version 14.1.3 for Football Manager 2014, which fixes perhaps the most important issue in the game. In a powerful bid for the unofficial IncGamers “patch note of the year” award, the update states: “Stopped Paul Robinson being bitten by his pet dog.”

Yes, no longer will Blackburn’s goalkeeper be trapped in a loop of canine terror (if that’s what was going on, I’m not entirely sure.) Finally, Robinson will be free to perform his net-minding duties with his mind clear of dog-related concerns. Oh, right, there are a couple of other fixes too.

Match v1427
– Improved player rating system
– Improved use of subs in FMC match plans

– Fixed lag/crash in the Steam Workshop with lots of custom graphics installed
– Fixed crash launching game when user has removed public documents folder
– Fixed match viewer graphical corruption on some non-English language Linux systems

– Tuned AI opening offers & negotiations

In-Game Editor
– Fixed text bleeds in some non-English currencies
– Fixed club finance values resetting in some non-English currencies

Standalone Editor
– Fixed player data tabs when editing multiple players

– Fixed some incorrectly set Norwegian wages
– Fixed some international records not displaying

– Stopped Paul Robinson being bitten by his pet dog

If the game isn’t automatically updating on Steam, try clearing out the Football Manager 2014 cache (head to Preferences inside the game, navigate to the Interface tab and click ‘clear cache,’ then restart the game) or verifying the game cache through Steam (right-click the game name in the list, head to Properties, and then Local Files, click verify.)

The IncGamers review of Football Manager 2014 is warming up from the subs bench, ready to come on in the next few days.

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