metal gear solid v (5)

Welcome to the best screenshot of 2014.

Having not played any prior Metal Gear Solid titles (I know, sorry,) I am the perfect person to post new screenshots from Metal Gear Solid 5 and speculate about them. I’m pretty certain that the lady featured in a few of these is called Quiet, so hopefully I can get away with that Bjork reference in the headline.

I mean, Kojima seems fine with referencing Bowie so a bit of Bjork seems reasonable too.

Right, so, these are images taken from a cut-scene involving Quiet interacting with Big Boss and his Diamond Dogs, and then a few others taken from an in-game mission (demoed in Tokyo, I believe) where Quiet is helping out with her sniper rifle. Also, Big Boss has tied a large balloon to a horse to make it fly away.

Why have I never played a Metal Gear Solid game? On the strength of making horses float away alone, Metal Gear Solid 5 sounds great.

Of course I’m only able to write about this stuff at all because Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (as well as Ground Zeroes) will be coming to the PC along with all the other platforms. Kojima has confirmed today (again, in Tokyo) that The Phantom Pain will be released at some point during 2015.


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