Latest Microsoft Flight Simulator video takes us on a tour of Europe

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mont Blanc

One game that must surely be included in everyone’s Game of the Year debates has to be Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest entry in the franchise has been a huge bit both critically and commercially. Microsoft are still pushing the game through a series of videos they have titled “Around the World Tour.” The latest entry in this series has just been released and focuses on Europe. You can check the new video out below.

Whatever you say about Microsoft Flight Simulator, there is no denying that it is certainly easy on the eye. The visuals really are quite breathtaking and hammer home the beauty of our world. The majesty of Mont Blanc and Lake Lucerne are brilliantly translated in digital form. We also get to see some places you may never even have heard of such as Kotor in Montenegro (no, it has nothing to do with Knights of the Old Republic) or the Curonian Spit in Lithuania.

Future updates and improvements

There’s also more Flight Simulator news today. Add-on scenery developer, SamScene, has just released a couple of new packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator. These new packs offer redesigns of Tokyo and Shanghai. The Tokyo pack may be a bit of a hard sell as an official update has improved a lot of Japanese locations in the game. However, a more accurate version of the largest city in China is a much more appealing proposition. You can pick up the Tokyo pack for $5.95 while the Shanghai pack will set you back $12.95.

Microsoft has committed to releasing regular free updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As I mentioned earlier, the first big world upgrade was the Japan update. Well, during the latest Q&A session, Jorg Neumann (Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator) and Sebastian Wloch (Asobo Studio CEO) announced that the next world update would focus on the US. They also went on to talk about the first major “sim update” on the way that will address core simulation features and improvements suggested by the community.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A320 Over Cali

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on Steam, Windows 10, and Game Pass for PC. You can check out our review of the game here.

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