Latest Psychonauts 2 Update Sets 2021 Release Window As Target 1

One of the more important developments in the gaming industry back in 2019 was the acquisition of Double Fine Productions by Microsoft. Not only did the tech giant bolster its stable of studios, but it also allowed the creatives at Double Fine to push forward with their visions. One of those visions just so happens to include the highly anticipated Psychonauts 2, and fans will be able to experience it all in 2021 if the release goes to plan.

The update came via studio head Tim Schafer over the holidays. Schafer was able to share that all of the levels are already in the game. Once the developers are back from the holidays, they will focus on finishing and polishing everything. More importantly, Schafer has committed to a 2021 release window for Psychonauts 2.


For those more interested in the development process, Double Fine has changed things up. Psychonauts 2 will be developed without crunch, which will be a nice change of pace. With everyone working from home, a tweak in the approach was much needed.

Latest Psychonauts 2 Update Sets 2021 Release Window As Target 2

New year, new way

This also meant that Schafer had to take on a slightly different role. He gets to play each of the different builds of Psychonauts 2 on its path to release, while team members watch and comment. The whole process is recorded for analytical purposes, which sure sounds and looks like a fun time.

Even as we move ever closer to the release of Psychonauts 2 though, a lot more work still has to be done. The team will be refining the cutscenes, end credits, menus, and the post-game epilogue for the game. For those who wanted to explore the world after the ending of the first game but could not, you will be happy to know that will be possible in the sequel.

All in all, it seems everything is in place for a smooth 2021 release for Psychonauts 2Fingers crossed, as it has been a long time coming.

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