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When Capcom announced that the last demo for Resident Evil Village would only be available for one day, fans got nervous. Folks took to Twitter, saying they wouldn’t be able to play the demo because they, like most people, have jobs. This clearly wasn’t something Capcom took into consideration before, but it sure is now. Following what it’s calling “feedback,” a tweet made by the Resident Evil account announced that the hour-long Resident Evil Village demo would be available for an extra week.

Originally, the Resident Evil Village demo was only going to be available for 24 hours. Players in North America would have been able to start at 5 PM PT on May 1. Those in Europe and Asia could start playing at 2 AM CEST and HKT, respectively. Obviously, there’s a huge problem with those times, especially for anyone outside of North America. Players in Europe and Asia would either need to take the day off work or wake up extremely early to play a demo, not even the full game.


When will the Resident Evil Village demo be playable?

Thankfully, the average worker can now enjoy being chased around by a tall vampire lady. The final Resident Evil Village demo will now be available for an extra week. For those in North America, that means the demo will be playable until 5 PM PT on May 9. In the UK, the demo goes offline at 1 AM BST on May 10. For the rest of Europe, the Resident Evil Village demo will go down on the same day at 2 AM CEST. Strangely enough, the image posted today by the Resident Evil Twitter account did not include times for Asia. Going by HKT, the demo should no longer be available by 8 AM on May 10.

It’s worth noting that the amount of time you can actually play the demo has not changed. Once you start the Resident Evil Village demo, you only have one hour to explore as much as you can.

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