Lawbreakers is now free to play but it is closing – Updated

Lawbreakers is now free to play but it is closing – Updated

With all the E3 madness going on right now this almost slipped through the net. Boss Key Productions shooter Lawbreakers is now free to play.

Lawbreakers had an appalling start and it floundered until Boss Key finally called it quits and closed the studio. Today the game has been made free to play which is probably ten months too late but at least it has actually happened and the servers have been kept alive.

It’s quite galling when you consider the original plan was to release this as a free to play game but Nexon decided it should be a full priced game. That price tag is what killed it along with its release window.

Anyone can start playing now via the Steam page. Perhaps this old strategy will bring players in.

Update: It was too good to be true really, Nexon has now confirmed the servers will go offline 14 September 2018. What a pointless mess but that is to be expected from Nexon.



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    • Chris Skuller

      Cliffy B shouldn’t have tried to chase trends. He was playing in a market that is already saturated and dominated by a couple large development houses.