‘Lead The Land Your Way’ In Fable III

In a newly-released Fable III trailer, Peter Molyneux says that the game will let you ‘lead the land your way.’
Amidst footage from the title, various Lionhead staff expand on this principle. Your responses to the hundreds of characters in the game will, they say, ‘create unique consequences.’ Indeed, the disposition of your hero will even be reflected in his or her weapon, which may end up dripping with blood or radiating with the light of justice.
The theme of choice is central to the trailer, as another developer notes that ‘The choices you make affect the entire kingdom.’ Fable III is released on 26 October / 29 October for Xbox 360 in the US and EU respectively. As yet, the PC version does not have a concrete release date.
Click below to watch (and if you’ve ever watched Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, the Beethoven piece used here will seem awfully familiar.)

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