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Riot has pushed out the League of Legends 4.3 patch notes which by their standards are smaller than we’re used to.

According to Riot these notes are a “roadmap” to their long-term goals. Champions such as Kassadin and Gragas are getting small nerfs and items are getting some “general tune-ups” while larger changes are being worked on by the team.

Also note that the new Champion Vel’Koz is in the patch but has not been “turned on”. Main changes to the client include the following…

  • Players can now be invited to and accept game invitations while already in a lobby
  • Lobby owners can now select a teammate to be the game owner and “draft captain” in charge of bans and first pick
  • Improved invitee and lobby status updates:
    • Accepted
    • Pending
    • Declined
    • Accepted – Lobby Full
    • Accepted – Quit
    • Joined – Quit
    • Joined
    • Kicked
    • Banned
  • Invitations to games that are no longer available will now read “The invitation from «Summoner» has expired.”
  • You can now grant invite privileges in custom games
  • Chat lobbies will remain intact if someone leaves champ select
  • You can still send and receive game invites if chat goes down
  • You can now send game invitations to offline players – they’ll see them when they log in
  • Chat’s no longer restricted when sending out large amounts of invites at once

For a full list of item changes and Champion changes check the notes as usual.

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