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As another month passes, fans of the ever-popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) League of Legends have more to look forward to. Riot Games has pushed out patch 10.7 previously, together with the arrival of a new faction event, League of Legends Galaxies 2020. That brought about new challenges, even more skins, and other awesomeness to the MOBA. And now, the team has announced the incoming patch 10.8 for League of Legends.

Goodies galore

For 10.8, players can look forward to the return of the Eclipse universe. The Public Beta Environment will also see several new skins put into action. The likes of LeBlanc, Morgana, and Zyra will have new Coven skins, together with a Prestige Edition for Zyra. Morgana also receives a new voiceover under the Coven line.

Jungle items will also see a couple of balance changes. Hunter’s Talisman, Hunter’s Machete, Stalker’s Blade, and Skirmisher’s Sabre will have new effects that will boost the healing power when your health drops to a dangerous level.

The League of Legends 10.8 patch will go live next Wednesday, April 15. Riot has yet to confirm the maintenance times, but the usual time period starts around 3:00 a.m. PT for North America servers, 5:00 a.m. BST for Europe West servers, and 3:00 a.m. CET for Europe Nordic & East servers. The period can last up to three hours.

More changes will come for sure, as Riot Games continues to test ahead of the official launch. Riot’s Mark Yetter has also shared the balancing targets for the new patch via Twitter. Nerfs will arrive for Sett, Master Yi, Aphelios, Kalista, Senna, and Varus. On the flip side, buffs are coming for Urgot, Evelyn, Xayah, Soraka, Tristana, Ashe, Ryze, and Orianna.

Out of this world

While you wait patiently for the arrival of 10.8, the space-themed League of Legends Galaxies 2020 has plenty of content for players to wade through.

“Are you gonna press your space face close to the Cosmos, or freak out over a Dark Star nightmare?” Riot Games emphasized. “For all is not right with the universe, and something lurks between the stars.”

Choosing either Duty or Ambition, players will then complete missions for their respective factions. You can use earned tokens to unlock a variety of rewards, including:

  • 2200 Tokens – Galaxies 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon + 100 PP
  • 2000 Tokens – Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition + Icon & Border
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Jarvan IV (Antimatter) Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Mordekaiser (Antimatter) Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Orianna (Antimatter) Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Thresh (Antimatter) Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Varus (Antimatter) Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Xerath (Antimatter) Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 300 Tokens – Dark Star Malphite Chroma + Icon Bundle
  • 250 Tokens – Dark Star Malphite Border + Icon Bundle
  • 250 Tokens – Dark Star Mordekaiser Border + Icon Bundle
  • 250 Tokens – Dark Star Xerath Border + Icon Bundle
  • 50 Tokens – Cosmic Icon
  • 40 Tokens – Mystery Emote
  • 50 Tokens – Random Champion Shard
  • 180 Tokens – 3 Keys
  • 60 Tokens – 1 Key
  • 20 Tokens – 1 Key Fragment
  • 10 Tokens – 100 Blue Essence
  • 1 Token – 10 Blue Essence
  • 250 RP – 1 Galaxies Orb + 16 Galaxies Tokens
  • 2500 RP – 10 Galaxies Orbs + 1 Bonus Orb + 160 Galaxies Tokens
  • 6250 RP – 25 Galaxies Orbs + 1 Galaxies Grab Bag + 400 Galaxies Tokens

League of Legends‘ galactic event will last to the end of April 27 at 23:59 p.m. PT (April 28 at 02:59 a.m. ET / 07:59 a.m. BST). You can spend your tokens up to May 12.

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