The latest patch notes from RIOT for League of Legends have been posted and they’re set to bring “equality back to the jungle”.

To address problems with supportive tanky junglers, RIOT realised that it’s not about buffing these up but instead they say that they “lacked a strong item path for utility junglers to pick up”. With that in mind they are adding items, the Quill Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem which will cater to the game’s tanky utility-focused junglers. The post reads:

“Welcome to Patch 4.11! Our big story for this patch is to bring some equality back to the jungle. In the 2014 season, popular junglers have been heavily skewed in favor of high-pressure damage dealing champions like Lee Sin, Pantheon, Kha’Zix, Evelynn, Elise, etc, and it was these dominant picks that knocked most supportive tanky junglers right out of the park. On deeper analysis, we quickly realized the problem was less about buffing tanky junglers to keep up and more that we lacked a strong item path for utility junglers to pick up. As a result, patch 4.11 will be introducing one new and one might-as-well-be-new item in the form of Quill Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem, both of which should cater heavily to the tanky utility-focused junglers in the game. We also went through and brought a few champions we felt needed additional love up to speed, as well as one mini-renovation for Maokai so that he could feel better about being back in the spotlight.”

The League of Legends World Championships are also getting closer and they’re looking at making competative changes.

“With the League of Legends World Championships on the horizon, we’ve also begun looking at high-level competitive changes we can make, like turret modifications and some reductions in dominant champion power. One champion you might be expecting to see in this category but isn’t (Lucian) is still in the garage as we’re thinking about the best approach to take. I’m telling you now because we want you to know that we know he’s particularly strong as a well-rounded marksman (especially in competitive play), but we want to make sure we can highlight a meaningful weakness (and strength) in Lucian before moving forward.”

The notes are lengthy as usual so to see upcoming skins, Champion changes, items and more make sure you read through them all.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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