League of Legends hit by DDoS – Lizard Squad PAX threat

lizard site DDoS

After a couple of days respite from DDoS attacks, the gaming community is hit again.

This evening League of Legends was once again attacked by the group going by the name Lizard Squad. Yesterday the group’s Twitter account went offline and things appeared to be going quiet but they’ve returned without any problems to Twitter.

With the Twitter account now active again activity seems to be picking up, so much so that they even held a Reddit AMA this evening. What can we learn from their responses? Not a lot other than the fact they are appear to be carrying out the attacks for no reason whatsoever, none of the group actually know who each other are, and they would stop the DDoS attacks if Obama would write Lizard Squad on his forehead.

With Obama unlikely to be pull out a Sharpie any time soon, expect the DDoS attacks to continue. Frustratingly there could be something planned to happen during PAX which kicks off tomorrow as they commented “We might have something planned for PAX ;)”. This was a follow-up to an earlier Tweet.


If you’re favourite game stops responding then it’s probably under attack and you’ll have to ride it out until the authorities sort out this mess. So far the FBI has only managed to seize their website so things appear to be moving slowly.

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