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If you ever wondered if Riot Games could add another creatively fun character to their already titanic cast of 141 champions in League of Legends, rest assured, they can. Somehow they have time to make new characters between World Championships and creating K-pop groups.

Meet Neeko, one of the trickier characters in the insanely popular MOBA. Neeko is apparently an adorable Vastayan mage who can shapeshift. We were graced with a relatively short look at the character in a video released by Riot Games this weekend.

In this video, we can see that Neeko can create illusionary clones, turn invisible, and even mimic the appearance of other champions. I can already imagine just how annoying she could be to face off against in the hands of a crafty League player.

Neeko Is Neato

Neeko League of Legends Riot Games New Champion

I never fail to be impressed with the League of Legends cinematic videos. They’ve really mastered making their characters look beautiful both in-game and in cinematics. Purely visually, Neeko is a creative design; she isn’t just some boring human that can shape-shift but rather one of the few survivors of her transforming tribe. She seems to be very childlike in nature and is innately curious about the world around her. But let us get down to her actual abilities.

Breakdown Of Her Abilities

Neeko League of Legends Riot Games New Champion

From what I can tell, Neeko can’t actually mimic the abilities of a champion she transforms into. So it seems the intention is to throw her opponent off rather than utilize multiple characters’ abilities. But, as we can see in the trailer, her illusionary clones can also mimic appearances, like when we see three Hecarims charging together.

Of course, her abilities were immediately leaked after the video, and Riot had to rush to upload a video on her kit ASAP. I won’t do a full breakdown of her moves, as you can read all of them here, but from what I’ve seen she has a bouncing grenade, a three-hit passive (because of course), some rooting barbs, and an AOE burst.

She is definitely more of a utility character than a straight up damage or support type. Neeko could easily carry a game in the hands of a true pro. Or, she could use her abilities to support her teammates and stay out of most fights. Overall she is a very unique League champion, though personally, it’s not my type of character. I don’t have enough in-the-moment creativity to take full advantage of her kit. Even so, I’m excited to see her peak. From what I can tell, she seems to be a conglomeration of Jhin, Zyra, and LeBlanc in her abilities.

But what do you think? Do you think Neeko is a fresh idea for LoL? Or will she just be purely infuriating to face off against? Let us know in the comments down below.

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