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Epic Games and Riot Games are continuing their crossovers together by bringing some of Riot’s best games to the Epic’s storefront. League of Legends, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics will all be available to download through the Epic Games Store. This move comes ahead of Arcane’s debut on November 6, and Riot is truly going all out in marketing its games to make Arcane the biggest success it can be.

This action should bring these four free-to-play titles to a much wider audience, although the move is cosmetic at best. Downloading any of these games through the Epic Games Store will also download the Riot Games Client, which, while newly designed, can bring its own set of problems. In other words, Epic Games Store won’t save League of Legends from its absolute dumpster fire of a client. It will, however, promote the games to a much wider audience, which is exactly what Riot wants right now.


You’ll still be able to access the games directly through Epic’s client, however, or through a desktop shortcut. Plus, you will be able to sign in with your existing account and see your friends if you have already played the games.

Epic Games Store x Riot Games

This crossover is an effort from Riot Games to market the upcoming Arcane TV show, set to debut on Netflix on November 6. With a month-long event dedicated to Arcane, we can likely expect more surprising crossovers in the coming future. Jinx from League of Legends even made her way into Fortnite, one of Epic Games’ flagship titles.

Aside from Riot Games’ collaboration with Epic Games, they have also released a new Prime Gaming bundle through Amazon Prime. This bundle gives a huge amount of rewards, including some RP which can be used to buy skins in the game. Twitch is also holding a live premiere for Arcane, which should include some drops for players who play any of Riot’s games.

Jinx League Of Legends Fortnite

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