League of Legends Worlds Semifinals sets viewership record

It looks like League of Legends is just as hot as it’s ever been on the esports front. The League of Legends Worlds Semifinals, which took place this weekend, proved a huge hit with fans. Esports Charts has reported that the event saw a concurrent viewership of nearly four million at one point — and that didn’t even include China. The exact total stood at roughly 3,985,787 viewers.

So, why did people tune in?

This year’s World Championship was the place to watch SK Telecom1 (SKT) and G2 Esports go at it. FunPlus Phoenix also took on Invictus Gaming. However, that first match is the face-off many have wanted to watch go down.

The viewership numbers for this League of Legends event make it the most concurrently-watched esports event yet. The only event to even come close to its viewership was this year’s Fortnite Cup. That took place earlier this year and drew a massive 2.3 million concurrent viewers online. No doubt the fanbases for both G2 Esports and SK Telecom played a part in this event’s success, along with fans of the other teams.

But now the real question is if Riot Games can do it again. The Worlds 2019 championship is set to conclude on Sunday, November 10. During that time, the winners of those two battles will step up again, with G2 now taking on FunPlus Phoenix. It will be rather early in the morning for those of us in the United States — around 6 AM EST — but it’ll be worth it for fans.

We’ll let you know if the tournament sets viewership records yet again. But never doubt the power of League of Legends. These guys will no doubt stick around for quite some time.

Did you miss the match-up when it took place over the weekend? If so, don’t worry. You can check out the much-anticipated match-up between the two teams in full above.

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