Leaked images surface of Logitech’s new handheld Steam Deck competitor

New Logitech handheld steam deck competitor pc gaming cloud

New images of Logitech’s new gaming handheld Steam Deck competitor were allegedly leaked today. The images show off a compact device similar in appearance to the Switch and Steam Deck. Rumors about the device picked up lately, and this latest leak provides a clearer picture of what to expect.

Twitter user @HazzadorGamin leaked images allegedly of the upcoming Logitech gaming handheld. The handheld is being developed in partnership with Tencent and will be a cloud-only gaming device.


The images show a white device with small pops of yellow as accent colors, sporting black buttons for readability. The pictures thankfully show the device being held, which tells us a bit about the scale of the device. Assuming the actor in the image is an adult male of average build, the device should be just larger than a Switch Lite. The button layout is much like a Switch with offset joysticks. The face buttons are labelled with the now standard xyab. It’s a fairly generic design, but it shows the potential to be comfortable.

We are also given a glimpse of the software running on the device, if these images are legitimate. A sleek, simple interface is pictured, looking very much like an Android theme from the mid 2010s. In it, we see the Google Play Store front and center, suggesting that the device could indeed be Android-powered. Additionally,  icons for Steam, GeForce Now, and Xbox (assumedly Gamepass) appear on the screen. Given that the device is meant to be a cloud-only gaming platform, seeing a collection of the most popular game streaming services is to be expected.

Will it be a hit?

So, what are the conclusions we can draw from the leaked images of Logitech’s handheld? If the leaked promotional images are real, it means that the Logitech handheld probably isn’t far off. It seems like Logitech isn’t as much focused on taking the Steam Deck punch-for-punch as much as catering to a more specific niche of PC gamers.

If you’re someone who’s embraced cloud gaming, you might want to keep an eye on this one. Though, Tencent’s involvement is always cause to keep a close eye on the privacy agreement. If you are someone who wants a true portable PC gaming experience with the ability to use your device as a PC, you will want to avoid the Logitech handheld competitor in favor of waiting for the Steam Deck to become available.

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