Leap Early Access Release 1

Following an array of betas and playtests, the gravity-defying multiplayer shooter Leap has now entered Steam Early Access. Coming from developer Blue Isle Studios, Leap is an attempt to blend the stylings of Battlefield and the acrobatic classic, Tribes. Naturally, that means large maps and different modes of transport to scoot your butt quickly into action.

Leap offers four “exosuit” classes in Early Access. You have the Pathfinder, which is your basic starter class. It’s well balanced for folks who are looking to get introduced to the game. Once you’ve gotten more experience, you can try the Titan, which is your tank class with heavy armor and weapons to match. The Wraith is on the opposite end of the Titan, favoring stealth and agility. Finally, there’s the Tech Ops, your healer and supporter class.


Mobility is one of the main two highlights of Leap. The other, obviously, is the gunplay. However, movement and acrobatics are what Blue Isle has put on the pedestal. Every player has tools and abilities to scoot across the map more quickly. Buildings can be bound with a grappling hook. You can also use jetpacks to get airborne, and Personal Vehicles like a hoverboard or hover, um, inflatable ring can take you to a nearby capture point with speed.

Leaping onto Early Access

Leap is quite the departure from Blue Isle. The company made a name for itself by creating, yes, Slender: The Arrival. The 2013 horror game was popular among genre fans, and especially content creators who traded screams for follows and subscribers. But Leap’s DNA can be found in the studio’s other game, Valley, a first-person exploration game with parkour elements.

Leap has entered Early Access with some mixed user ratings, showing that there has been some grinding gears in the genre shift. Many praise the gunplay, graphics, and movement. However, the optimization issues I experienced with the closed beta are still making the tube journey a bumpy ride. Mind, the game has only just started its Early Access phase. The developer plans on it being there for at least a year, in which it will “focus on bugs, stability, performance and gameplay balance.” Beyond that, Blue Isle is also set to make more game modes, classes, weapons, and maps ahead of Leap‘s 1.0 launch.

Leap Early Access Release 2

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