Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations Uncovered

Fans digging through Left 4 Dead 2’s code have uncovered a list of Mutations that look set to hit in the coming weeks.Thegreenthing16 posted up a list of coming Mutations on the Steam Forums, along with some vague screenshot evidence and some descriptions.In case you’ve forgotten, Mutations are custom game modes that the developers swap around every week, which were added in the recent The Passing DLC. The first Mutation to launch was Realism Versus, which is exactly what it sounds like, with Chainsaw Massacre coming.The list of named Mutations follows:First Man OutFour SwordsmenHardcoreHead Shots OnlyLast Man On EarthLinear ScavengeM60sMax SpecialsNo Health VersusRealism VersusTemporary HealthUltra RealismVersus SurvivalVIP TargetThe files also contain mention of a load of others which are numbered rather than named, but there appear to be some details. Expect Guard the Gnome and Bleeding Out, amongst others.

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