Left 4 Dead 2’s The Passing Arrives On Steam

Left 4 Dead 2’s add-on The Passing is now available through Steam.As we reported earlier, Xbox LIVE users got the first look – but now PC owners can play the game’s new campaign too.We’ve had a quick play through ourselves, so if you fear semi-spoilers look away now.The Passing is a three map campaign, beginning with The Riverbank. Here, players need to avoid inadvertent wedding bells. Or, at the very least, make it a shotgun affair.Down in The Underground our survivors can enjoy a spot of jazz before taking a dip in the municipal swimming pool (ok, the sewers.)Finally, The Port is a gas can scavange-hunt, much like the finale of Dead Center. Three survivors from the first Left 4 Dead provide balcony back-up to ease the pressure a little.Yes, we said three. The fourth can’t really be called a ‘survivor’ any more …

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