Left 4 Dead 3 is rumored to be back in development

Left 4 Dead 3

We know Valve is notorious for all the rumors surrounding Half-Life 3. But that’s not their only game with a 3-count never to see the light of day. Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of talk about a third Left 4 Dead game, which was reportedly in development from all the way back in 2011. While no new information is available officially, a new video suggests that Left 4 Dead 3 could be back in development.

Is Left 4 Dead 3 alive?

The video in question comes from Valve News Network. No, they’re not affiliated with the company. But they do have some interesting information that points to the possible resurrection of L4D3.

First of all, the video discusses how the game was in development for several years before Valve canceled it in February of 2017. There’s also a probability that development might cease again, so people shouldn’t get their hopes too high.

With that said, following the reveal of the Half-Life: Alyx trailer a while back, there was a note about a “few major meetings” with staffers. Apparently, gamers’ reception to Alyx changed “everything” in terms of how Valve wanted to move forward with its “future plans.” This could mean a possible revisit to Left 4 Dead, possibly even as a VR title.

The video also shows a few model renders of zombie heads, all taken from Left 4 Dead 3‘s early production days. We’ve seen some of these before, but, tying in with this new talk at the studio, they could provide an idea of how the game might look.

Again, take all of this with a grain of salt. Valve hasn’t said a word about the L4D3 project since its cancellation. And it likely won’t unless it becomes official again. Still, after the reception that Half-Life: Alyx received, anything is possible.

In the meantime, keep in mind that Warner Bros. has a game in development called Back 4 Blood. It’s in development over at Turtle Rock Studios, the team that previously worked on the Left 4 Dead series. So it knows a thing or two about zombie battling. If we don’t get L4D3, at the very least we’ll have that sometime this year. Make sure to read more about that spiritual successor if you’re curious.