New Legends of Runeterra Nightfall cards revealed today

Legends of Runeterra Nightfall previews

We have been spoiled this week with previews of the new Call of the Mountain expansion for Legends of Runeterra. We got two new champions, a brand new ability and support cards for both as well. Today’s spoilers are a little less in number, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth looking at. Let’s take a look at the four new Legends of Runeterra Nightfall support cards revealed today.

While the previous Nightfall support revolved around Nocturne and his crew of spooky monsters, the second half of the Nightfall lineup is based on the Lunari. The Lunari are a group of religious zealots who worship the moon and become stronger at night. Lunari Duskbringer is a 1 drop with 2/1 and the effect ”When I’m summoned, create a Duskpetal Dust in hand.” Duskpetal Dust is a 1 drop burst speed spell that reads ”The next unit with Nightfall you play this round costs 1 less.”

This is definitely great low-cost support for Nightfall and lets you make your Nightfall chains cheaper to squeeze more units onto the field in a single turn. Lunari Shadestalker is a very straightforward but effective card. It’s a 2 drop with 2/3 and the effect: ”Nightfall: Grant me Elusive.” It goes without saying at this point how powerful Elusive abilities are, and with a Duskpetal Dust in hand, Shadestalker will only cost you 1 mana.

Legends of Runeterra Nightfall previews

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Darkness reigns supreme

Our last card for today is Crescent Guardian, a 3 drop with 3/3 and the Overwhelm ability. Crescent Guardian also has a Nightfall effect that reads ”Give me +2/+0.” Crescent Guardian can become a 5/3 incredibly easily, and with a Duskpetal Dust in hand, it will only cost you 2 mana.

Nightfall continues to appear as a strong ability with each new preview we see for it. Since we got the back half of the Nightfall support today, I wouldn’t be surprised if the second half of the Daybreak support comes next. Be sure to keep an eye out for that on the official Twitter page. You can get your hands on the new Legends of Runeterra Nightfall cards when the Call of the Mountain expansion drops next week on August 26.

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