The time wizard Zilean joins Legends of Runeterra in new trailer

Get Mystical On Your Opponents

The next big set for Legends of Runeterra is Guardians of the Ancient. Since its official reveal earlier this week, Riot has not wasted time showing off previews for the set. Today we got our first big look at the set and Zilean is the first new champion to join the game’s ranks. As the resident time manipulator of the League of Legends universe, his abilities and support are thematically appropriate.

First up is Zilean’s champ card. Its front side costs two mana with stats of 1/4. His play ability lets you put four Time Bomb cards in your deck, setting up his level up mechanic immediately. Plus, you get a bonus Predict for your troubles. Time Bombs are two drop landmark cards that, when summoned, let you draw one and advance your other Time Bombs by one. It also has “Countdown 1: Deal 1 to enemies and the enemy Nexus.” So, it lets you gain extra advantage by drawing cards and speeding up your other time bombs. The burn damage is a nice little bonus as well.


Being able to level up outside of combat can be a very strong ability, and greatly affect turn sequencing as well. In Legends of Runeterra, Zilean will level up after two Time Bombs explode, which should happen fairly quick after he is played, especially when combined with other Predict cards. His leveled up side has stats of 2/5 and a very unique ability. At the start of the round you can make fleeting copies of all non-fleeting cards you played last turn. This means every card you played last turn you will be copied to be used again, which is obviously powerful. Plus, you also get to place four other Time Bombs in your deck and perform another Predict, just like his front side.

You’re creating a time paradox

His champ spell is “Zilean’s Chronoshift,” a seven drop burst speed spell. Its ability lets you stop an allied champion from dying and instead fully heal it and give it a bonus +3/+3. That effect is absolutely insane, and means your opponent has to deal with your champion again, but stronger the second time. This means anyone playing a Zilean with seven open mana is going to have to be very careful when targeting that player’s champions. In Runeterra Zilean has the potential for some strong control options with his other support cards.

Scrying Sands is a one drop burst speed spell that lets you Predict and give an enemy -2/-0 for the entire round. This is yet another way to make it very hard for your opponent to kill your followers, and especially your champions. Now this is where things get really nutty. Soothsayer is a two drop with stats of 1/4. When summoned, she grants allied champions and landmarks Spellshield. This means that the first spell or skill targeting your champs or landmarks won’t work. This also means it protects your Time Bombs as well.

legends of Runeterra Zilean

Tick, tock, BOOM

Being able to protect all your key cards like this is incredibly powerful and will make aggressive decks have to work twice as hard. In Legends of Runeterra, Zilean as a character makes perfect sense to be such an absolute control deck. Combined with some of Shurima’s more powerful cards, he has the potential to become an insurmountable wall for your opponent. Previews will continue until Guardians of the Ancient releases next week on May 5. Keep checking the Legends of Runeterra Twitter page each day at 12 PM ET for new reveals as they happen.

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