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Following the ending of TT Games’ exclusive partnership with the LEGO Group for the production of LEGO videogames, many other studios are now trying their hand at adopting the property into different ideas. And it looks like Thunderful is next in line. As the developers of the well-known Bridge Constructor physics-puzzle game series, Thunderful is adopting its talents from that to the world of LEGO with LEGO Bricktales, which releases next year.

LEGO Bricktales will put players into the plastic gloves of a young minifigure. Using your building skills, you’ll put together different tools and machines to solve different physics-based puzzles in order to fix up an amusement park that has fallen into disrepair. You’ll travel throughout different locales to help other minifigures and hone your building skills along the way.


Piece by piece

The new gameplay trailer shows off the diverse set of  buildable objects range from simplistic items to fully-functional machines, such as gyrocopters.

The missions in LEGO Bricktales will take place across five biomes, all of which seem to be replicas of existing LEGO-themed toysets. This includes settings such as a jungle adventure, metropolitan city, and more. In typical LEGO video game fashion, there will be a lot of unlockables and collectibles to enjoy as you progress through the game.

Unsurprisingly, in addition to the many missions and challenges, there will also be a Sandbox Mode where you can really let your creativity run wild and assemble custom LEGO creations.

An exact release date for LEGO Bricktales has yet to be revealed, with all announcements currently just pointing to “Q4 2022,” which indicates it’ll be out by December. So it wouldn’t be surprising if launches around the holiday season, perhaps in November.

LEGO Bricktales will be coming to PC via Steam.

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