Lego has revealed their latest product line, bringing their physical toys together with video games in a way that hasn’t been done before. Introducing Lego Fusion.

Lego Fusion is definitely a different kind of product compared to Skylanders / Disney Infinity / Amiibo. When you construct something with a Lego Fusion set, you can take a photo of it using your smartphone or tablet camera, and the Lego Fusion app will then visualize and recreate it digitally.

Lego Fusion uses Qualcomm’s Vuforia technology, and of course, some specific games were made around the technology. It will also make use of cloud storage to allow you to freely store and redistribute your digital Lego Fusion creations.

Considering all of the current dedicated gaming consoles have or can be equipped with a camera (think about it), I see no reason why Lego Fusion can’t be brought to the consoles. And what’s to stop them from making their own camera to play this on PC, in different OSes? I hope this is something Lego will look into in the near future, but for now we wish them the best of luck. You can get more details about it here.

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