An enterprising Lego fan is trying to get a recreation of the Monkey Island Scumm Bar approved by the Lego Ideas site and could do with a hand. Or a peg leg. Pirate jokes, everyone! Sorry.

Lego Ideas takes submissions for prospective Lego sets and then gets people to vote on which they’d like to see turned into actual, produced kits. Doing a Monkey Island kit could prove difficult, since I think Disney own the license to the game at present after the LucasArt sale (and closure,) but hey, that’s a hurdle to deal with later. Before Lego will even consider the idea, it needs 10,000 supporters.

Right now, it has 1,803. There are bound to be more Monkey Island and Lego lovers out there though, so get voting if a mini-fig Scumm Bar sounds like a grand idea. You will, unfortunately, need to sign up for a free Lego ID to cast a supporting vote (if you don’t already have one,) but other than that it’s pretty straightforward.

Here are some images of Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck, The Swordmaster and chums living up the piratey life in the grog-swilling walls of the Lego Scumm premises. It’d fit rather nicely into Lego’s pre-existing pirate range, surely?


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