Lego Partners Unity To Help Creators Make Games That Could Be Published (2)

Gaming allows us a form of escapism while providing hours of entertainment. There are plenty of different experiences that you can immerse yourself in, and the same can be said about the block-building world of Lego. In fact, the two have worked in tandem to great effect with the various Lego games to carve out pieces of the pie for their own. While a partnership with Mojang famously fizzled out, a new partnership with Unity might just work for Lego. This comes in the form of the Lego Microgame, a learning tool for Unity.

The Lego and Unity collaboration is geared towards game creation. More specifically, the two companies want to help fans learn the process of making games using the power of the building blocks.


Through the Lego Microgame, creators are able to learn the basics of the Unity engine with the help of the bricks. Simply download it off the Unity store, and you could make a game using the ready-made assets. A bunch of creative mods are also available to teach the more advanced stuff.

Lego Partners Unity To Help Creators Make Games That Could Be Published (1)

Building a dream

Learning is not the only good thing that may come from this partnership. In a recent episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast, Lego Group senior technical lead Anders Holm talked more about the tool. He also stated that the company would be interested in publishing fan-made games that use Unity’s Lego Microgame.

Just like how fan-made creations may one day become actual sets, so can the ideas birthed with Lego Microgame.

Lego Partners Unity To Help Creators Make Games That Could Be Published (1)

Ideally, creators will be able to get a share of the profits for any sale of their game. Again, this would be similar to what is in place for the Lego Ideas concept. Of course, it is all contingent on actual good games being made using the tool.

With the partnership is still in its infancy, the possibilities are quite endless. Creators, over to you now.

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