Lego and Lucasfilm Ltd have announced a mutual renewal of a deal which allows Lego to license the Star Wars universe for toys and games. It’s not a short-term renewal either, as it extends the agreement for another ten years. So if you’re a bit sick of Star Wars-themed Lego titles … well … bad luck.
The company has produced Star Wars-based Lego sets since 1999, and worked with TT Games to create three Lego Star Wars games. However, TT Games is currently working on Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, so the next Star Wars release probably won’t be coming until after that.
“Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that shares many characteristics with the Lego brand … and we believe that we can continue to grow LEGO Star Wars for many years to come,” says Lego’s Vice President of entertainment Jill Wilfert, who may or may not have a yellow head with a fixed expression on it.
Image taken from Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

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