Capcom has plans to open a European ‘e-store’ in the coming months, but as a prelude to that the company has a smaller e-store presence online featuring a few limited edition Resident Evil 6 bundles. You can, for example, pick up a ‘Tablet Case’ edition for £55 GBP, which features the game, the Mercenaries map pack DLC and one of four character-specific replica tablet cases (the things you find Recovery Items inside in-game).

There’s also a ‘DSO’ edition featuring the same as above (except you’re guaranteed to get Leon’s tablet case), plus a DSO t-shirt for £80 GBP.

If you’re really feeling like flashing the cash, however, you’ll want to go for the ‘Leather Jacket’ edition which contains all four of the tablet cases and a “perfect replica” of the jacket worn by Leon Kennedy made of “high quality cowhide leather”. The price for this edition? Well, you’ve seen it in the headline: a mere £900 GBP.

Only ten of the jacket editions are available in Europe, so get in early if you want to be a (significantly poorer) style icon.

Source: Capcom Store

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