Silent Hunter Online

Give me a ping, Vasily. One pi … oh, too late, they’re on fire.

At last, an opportunity to make use of your finest Sean Connery Russo-Scottish accent. Ubisoft has announced that their free-to-play (uh oh,) browser-based (double uh oh) return to the Silent Hunter series, Silent Hunter Online, is now in open beta. That means you can pretty much play it right now, by heading over to the main site and signing up for a life beneath the ocean waves.

Once you’ve done that, Ubisoft promises that you’ll be able to take part in “stunning” 3D WWII battles powered by, err, Flash 11. You can play every mission in the game co-operatively, so if you know some sub-buddies who want to team up for any of the “server-wide dynamic campaigns” then grab them and set sail. Do submarines sail? I imagine they mostly kind of cruise and dive and stuff.

You can also expect authentic subs and boats, dynamic weather and a load of environmental effects like fog, spray, waves, you know, all that watery stuff. Watch the launch video below for more Silent Hunter Online action (it claims to be the German video, but in fact it has English language voiceover.)

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