Life is Strange Episode 1 free for everyone

Life is Strange Episode 1 free for everyone

There’s no doubt Life is Strange is a solid game and tomorrow Square and DONTNOD has will be lowering the barrier to entry.

Life is Strange: Episode 1: Chrysalis will be free for everyone from tomorrow, 21 July, and will stay free indefintelly.

“Although our team set out to create an award-winning narrative we still cannot believe the response we’ve had from players of Life is Strange” said Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DONTNOD. “We’re really glad that Square Enix have decided to give the first episode away for free so more players can begin their journey and see why people have fallen in love with the game for themselves”.

Anyone wanting to play this has probably already picked it up following the release of the Steam demo so this is another marketing push. Check the Steam page tomorrow for the free episode, and if you’re not sure about it, check out our full Life is Strange season review.

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