Life is Strange Offers Time Manipulation And Decision Making Gameplay

The episodic adventure known as Life is Strange is taking strides to give The Walking Dead series a run for its money. The game is developed by Dontnod and is published by Square-Enix. However, when it comes to point-and-click, the game offers a bit more exploration and observation it’s city, Arcadia Bay.

The main character of the game is Max Caulfield. She has discovered, after a few blackouts of day dreaming, that she now has the power to alter time. This emphasis on time comes with conflicting actions as she can choose to stick with a decision made, or learn from the mistake and alter reality. There is great power in being able to change a sequence of events, but it can also prove dangerous based on the web of occurrences that continue to unfold on the Oregon coastline.

Life is Strange is now available for $4.99 and episode on PC via Steam, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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