Life Is Strange: True Colors leaks before Square Enix Showcase [Updated]

Life Is Strange Leaks

[Update – March 18 @ 3:25 PM ET]: Life is Strange: True Colors was officially shown off during today’s Square Enix Presents showcase. Along with all the information we got early thanks to a leak, we were treated to some details on the game’s story. True Colors will follow Alex Chen, who moves to the town of Haven Springs to reunite with her older brother Gabe. However, Gabe is murdered soon after her arrival. Using her power of telepathic empathy, which lets her read other people’s emotions, Alex must solve the mystery of her brother’s death in this small, strange town. Check out the trailer of the game here.

Square Enix is hosting its first-ever digital showcase today. The show is likely to be a Nintendo Direct-style event, filled with news and game announcements. One of those announcements seems to have gotten out early though. On Twitter, Nibel shared leaks of the upcoming Life is Strange title. Officially named Life Is Strange: True Colors, players can expect the next entry in the narrative-heavy franchise to launch on September 10.

We already knew that a new Life is Strange game would be revealed today. In a press release, Square Enix announced the reveal of the game, saying it would include “an all-new protagonist wielding an exciting new power.” Thanks to today’s leak, we have an early peek at that protagonist. Much like the other Life Is Strange games, they seem to be a teenager. They sport a denim jacket, have a pair of headphones around their neck, and a short haircut.

A surprising development

Today’s leak of Life Is Strange: True Colors also included some surprising details on the game. Besides its release date, we now know that the upcoming Life Is Strange title will be heading to pretty much every platform available. Besides PC, the game is heading to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and even Stadia.

Surprisingly, the game isn’t being developed by Dontnod, the studio behind Life Is Strange 2. Instead, Deck Nine is developing Life Is Strange: True Colors. This will be the second Life is Strange title developed by the Colorado-based developer. Its last game was the prequel to Life Is StrangeLife Is Strange: Before the Storm. Before that release, Deck Nine developed games under the name Idol Minds. It has a few notable releases from this period, namely the Ratchet & Clank Collection from 2013. Assumedly, Life Is Strange: True Colors is the title that Deck Nine had announced it was working with Square Enix on back in 2018.

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